This is the Car Insurance California You Need to Know

This is the Car Insurance California You Need to Know

Do you live in the Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, or anywhere else that offers insurance to all residents of the Golden State. When you decide to live in California, so to survive you will need a car. Along the way from LA to San Francisco on I-5 had a beautiful view, for it must be ensured if the car you must have the proper car insurance California.

Even the Golden State has a penalty because it can not maintain auto insurance coverage. Which includes traffic citation with a fine of $ 1,000 or your vehicle could be seized. But take it in California you can easily get car insurance. In fact you can get for free through the GEICO is done online. On the other hand California has laws regarding car insurance is different from other countries.


  1. Discount Car Insurance in California

Some California residents can get a quote for the gold using current or savings to get insurance discounts as follows:

– Multi-Car Discounts

– Anti-Theft discount

– Mature driver discounts

– Multi-Policy Discounts

Not only that proposition can also guarantee 103 discount for any licensed driver who has had at least 3 years. Did not have a bad record for those driving over the last 3 years. And do not make mistakes are fatal or accidents resulting in $ 1,000 damage to the property during the last 3 years.

Not only that California has a rule if the driver behave well will be rewarded with auto insurance rates are cheaper.


  1. California Car Insurance

There are some insurance required by California drivers who legally must carry insurance with limits as follows:

– Injury $ 15,000 per person

– Injury $ 30,000 per incident

– $ 5,000 for property damage per incident

There are many car insurance California that only has a basic obligation. As the following additional insurance that provides extra financial protection as well as being a real life saver:

– Comprehensive

– Crash

– Payment of medical and funeral services

– The existence of property damage uninsured motorist

– Injury uninsured motorists

– Rent car

– Some of the equipment and part of the insured

– Auto loan / lease

– Towing and labor


  1. Fact statistics Car Insurance

Based on the Insurance Research Council, about 15% of California drivers are uninsured in 2012. Though insurance is needed drivers for the driver, because it will be useful after the accident that occurred on the driver or even the occurrence of a hit and run.

You can also use the electronic insurance ID card. Legally required to bring proof of insurance at any time. If you are driving without proof of insurance to bring your car in California, chances are you will get a fine of $ 100 to $ 200 it’s only for a first offense. While a fine of $ 200 to $ 500 can be applied to the second offense occurs within 3 years of the first offense. If the driver can not car insurance policy then the alternative choice car insurance is to apply a policy that has been supported by the state:

– The California Low Cost Automobile Insurance Program for low-income drivers, this program is limited to those who have the citizens of California who have a good driving record and meet program income limits.

– The California Automobile for drivers who have a high risk, if you have trouble getting insurance from the company’s non-standard, this program could you make a choice. This program is designed especially for high-risk drivers who had previously been convicted because of a few traffic violations.

The state also helps offer mediation services to help the driver handle accident claims. Hopefully qualified mediators who can help you to resolve specific disputes the claim. If you are interested in this program, you can visit the California Insurance Claims Mediation Program online.

Teenager Licensing Process

If you are a parent of a teenager, then California will begin the licensing process at the age of 15 years. Before finally getting a full license, the teen drivers should complete the driver training and obtain a temporary permit. And here are some requirements that must be considered:

– The application form

– Signature of parental

– ID card number

– Application fee

– Proof of driving education

Six months before applying for a license. that’s where managing DMV driving test before the company issued a driver’s license.

So, those are some things to consider as you do with your car insurance. If you already have car insurance California, then you will not worry anymore in driving. On the other hand you can be assured of safety as possible.

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