Travel To Baku Azerbaijan At Very Low Prices

Travel to Baku Azerbaijan

Holidays in Baku

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Visiting Azerbaijan is moving to the cold zone of the Caucasus, historical border between Asia and Europe, and key trade between the two. With more than 9 million people, it is also one of the last countries in fashion as far as tourism is concerned. And it is that Azerbaijan is also the most modern and tolerant of this region of West Asia being the first democratic republic in the Islamic world. Inhabited since the Stone Age, the people of the nomadic Scythians was not finished first dwelling in perennially their land. Behind them, Sassanian, Albanians and Byzantines occupied it until about the tenth century, where it was taken over by different dynasties of Persian origin until finally the country was incorporated into the Russian Empire in 1813 and later independence from him in 1991, preserving the Russian heritage in social and folkloric aspects but starting its own history and its modern infrastructure relatively quickly.
Azerbaijan consists of 10 administrative regions and is also one of the most stable countries politically and economically in their region, with excellent international relations with many countries around the world. The fight against terrorism and corruption, he says, is also a priority. Its shores are washed by the Caspian Sea and the Greater Caucasus sea, Talysh and Lesser Caucasus Mountains cover about 40% of the land surface, characterized by the existence of a large number of different rivers and lakes, although short length, between them stands the lake Sarysu and the Kura river. It is a country with a variety of flora and fauna, despite its low temperatures and constant, especially in the north and snow Karabakh horse is one of the most popular emblems. In its economy highlights petroleum, fishing, mining, manufacturing and food. Their main language is Azeri, although Russian is widely spoken, and culturally can boast of a great literary culture, architecture and art itself. Curiously, it was one of the first countries where the cinema arrived.

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