13 Tips Traveling In Christchurch New Zealand With Little Budget

4. Relocation

You want to know a brilliant idea with which you can tour the country from north to south? This way of traveling is called relocation: How does it work? In New Zealand there is a culture of mobile homes: traveling the country by renting a motorhome is a way to enjoy it immensely (because the routes are in good condition and a motorhome allows you to reach amazing places). Of course, for budget travelers (! Hello) rent a bug of these may be complicated, but this came: TransferCar! Companies rental cars and motorhomes people seeking to return the cars to their hometowns to zero money. You only have to look for your trip on the web, leave your personal details and the company will warn you if the route is available or not. Most of the time the company takes over the insurance, car ferry (if you have to cross the islands) and a full tank of gasoline.

New Zealand is a beautiful country to be handled: quiet routes, respectful drivers (although the Kiwis do not think the same and say that their traffic is chaotic), ideal to choose good music and enjoy the scenery of a beautiful country. What you need to drive in Kiwiland? Your international driver’s record (the sacás in the ACA), or your driver’s license Argentina + a translation of your license by a certified translator. Translation has a value of 40-60NZD. To search for certified translators Ask click here. Do not forget that in  Christchurch New Zealand cars drive on the left hand and are mostly automated so a little walk around the block before you leave home are not bad for your brain to adapt to work in the opposite direction 😛

5. Carpooling

A final option for low-cost travel the country, an option that I did not use because it is not as well known as in Europe: sharing car. You can post an ad with your trip (for example in the hostel where you’re staying) or find out if someone known or known known you plan to travel to the same destination. Share naphtha, talks and mates is always a very good experience. Still you can try some websites where you can also find carpools, although most are weekly tours, for example, someone from outside Auckland commutes to college in the center. This option is good if you have activities to perform away from home, you have no car and encontras someone who wants to take you. Some of the websites of carpooling in New Zealand: National Car Share, CarpoolNZ, New Zealand Catch a Lift, Lets carpool

6. The ferries between the South Island and North Island

christchurchHow to travel from the South Island to the northern island or vice versa? There are two companies for the trip: Interislander and Bluebridge. Are there differences between the two? The truth is that prices do not vary much but usually Bluebridge some good deals. Consider that it is always important to book your ticket in advance. If you find yourself in Wellington or Picton for a few days and you do not have scheduled travel date, also you can post your trip to a notice board in hostels since often should you travel with someone who has paid a total ticket for your car (and so find people to fill the seats of your car because the vehicle owner would also cheaper travel). Becoming a member of the chain of hostels BBH you have discounts on tickets ferries also, so it is good to have in mind if you think make two or more trips by ferry.

7. Work for room and board

What better idea to come to the country and stay in a typical kiwi house while doing all your papers from the bank, the IRD, practical English, you learn traditional recipes and make friends? Another bright idea: Help exchange. New Zealand is a popular way to travel, which has its pros and cons: it is very easy to find deals to exchange, but on the other hand there is a commercial view of the subject that does not stop me to please (I mean: you trabajás four hours in a hostel, the hostel avoid paying taxes and all the whirligig would have to pay if I had to hire someone. Does the cultural encounter? Many times, nonexistent). But in the end, if you save money and have a different experience it is, then it is a great option for travel. Some options to consider:

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