13 Tips Traveling In Christchurch New Zealand With Little Budget

Some comparative data on how much spent in supermarkets:

80NZD per week for 1 person in Picton buying in the New World, the only supermarket available (October 2013)

100NZD for 10 days for 2 people in Wellington buying in the Pack’n Save (January 2014)

10. Fashion kiwi

And of course, we talk about clothes. Something that caught my attention (and I must admit that I like a lot) is that Kiwis are very relaxed. In the mail, banks, supermarkets and many etceteras people walk barefoot, in pajamas, dressed … So I think this is an excellent country to forget about fashion for a while. Still, it is good to note that:

Houses second hand clothes Salvation Army are in almost all cities and have convenienes prices to buy work clothing, shelter, etc. It is a good place to sell all those things you no longer need too.

Almost all villages in the country have a secondhand: second hand clothes to everyone olé olé! Thanks to the patience and dedication (or for art’s sake, seriously speaking) we can find quality clothing at incredibly low prices.

But if we still have wanted to buy clothes, shoes and etceteras at derisory prices (of laughter is also quality, but at this point it does not matter) then we can go to The Ware House (offers station: a wool cap to $ 2 for example) or Kmart, a place where we can find clothes and trinkets at reasonable prices.

And as we are talking about buying two websites to find deals (also works, rent, buying and selling cars, free classes, etc): Gumtree and Trademe. Favorites save them because they have important for your trip to New Zealand information.

11. The magic of Facebook

Facebook is magical, but must know how to use Facebook (It was vices!). How? A good tool groups are Argentine travelers, Latinos, workingholideanos, etc. who meet on the network to be filled with advice, encouragement and news. You want to share your trip? To find a job? Own things you no longer need? Did you bills and you have a desire to share a chat and a few mates? You want to find the cheapest accommodation in a city? The groups are the answer. Here I leave the links to the groups that I use, and also take the opportunity to say something important: The groups have to take care! No spam, respect in the talks, help others whenever possible (based on our experience), etc., they are always good ideas to keep in mind that these communities continue to grow and travel is becoming easier. New Zealand 2011 New Zealand 2012, Working Holiday 2012, Argentinos in Queenstown.

12. Because we came to learn English

Free English classes in Auckland which I never was (because it was Saturday at eight o’clock and I’m not what you’d call a person-with-humor-morning). How do encontras? You can find them in Gumtree, Trademe and Facebook groups, but there are also free classes in community centers, churches and neighborhoods that are intended to reinforce the language for immigrants who are in full cultural immersion. A good way to practice, learn, and surely make friends.

13. My favorite travelers

And the last tip to travel on a budget: ask! Travelers who already were in the country always have experiences to tell, so I present my favorite travelers: those who have it re-clear (lol) regarding visas, travel, save money, work and etceteras, and you also go to inspire you make this trip like no other could.

Angie D’Errico Titinrountheworld in Argentina is about to start a big big trip to Ireland, Jota and Dani Marcando the Polo that are in Asia traveling to finger, and War Exe, which must be put to write down everything you know of our beloved New Zealand (stick to War). Tips before asking chusmeá in groups, their blogs, read and find out. If you have any questions do not hesitate to consult them, and not hesitate to say thank you when you answer your messages because it is a nice way to give back what they are giving to you (of course if you want also you can donate something: up sandwichito crumb It is good for budget travelers 😛).

Now yes, plenty to enjoy this experience!

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