10 Essential Visits to Discover Singapore

The lists of things to do in Singapore abound, some purely statistical one, some more issues (historical, culinary, recreational …), others more general, others totally commercial. The one I propose, refined with the duration of our stay in Singapore and the flow of visitors, has its own way: allow you to approach the city from the perspective of the most authentic discovery, varied and complete a limited number of days.

1) The Pinnacle
Because social housing is so stricken in France, because it is such an important part of Singapore’s success, a visit to Pinnacle @ Duxton is required. Lee Kuan Yew has made one of its latest challenges, combining social mission with the architectural feat – and world records. You will meet few tourists, but the elevator ride will fail improbable encounters with the locals. From the Terrace, the 50th floor, the success of Singapore offered to your eyes: the apartment buildings, the port of Singapore, the Central Business District, and in the distance the Jurong Industrial Complex. Lovers are sure to extend their experience with a visit to the HDB Gallery

singapore, the pinnacle

2) Rub shoulders with the modern builders
Modern Singapore is a thoughtful and organized work. From nothing, a small team planned from day development and designing future developments today. At the Singapore City Gallery, the construction of urban space as imagined by the Urban Redevelopment Authority therefore takes shape before your eyes. You will understand how the island was extended, winner of the sea, the sky, the basement. Pictures of yesterday and today let you measure the accomplished path; a giant model adds not yet sprung up projects.


3) Go for the air heavenly park
It became Singapore’s icon to the point of embarrassing the authorities who do not forget the problems associated with casinos, in the basement, and hope the Sports Hub will take over quickly. But you will not escape more in Marina Bay Sands in Singapore at the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Its architect has understood and is currently building a replica – improved, of course – in Chongqing. If you do not reside in the hotel and you can bask in the huge infinity pool overlooking the city, the Skypark you will still enjoy the great outdoors. For the best view of Marina Bay Sands, and unless you work in one of the skyscrapers of the CBD, it is in one of the bars on the other side of the bay it will go through One example Altitude or New Asia.

Singapore, marina Bay


4) Play explorers civilsations
For travel in space and time of the civilizations of the region, there is to my knowledge no better museum in the world that the Asian Civilisations Museum (ACM). You will discover people including Singapore is at the crossroads, from India to China through South Asia and tribal peoples, covering the worlds animist, Hindu, Buddhist and Muslim. The quality of collections is matched only pedagogy with which they are exposed. You can match this crucial stage with one of the many free tours. Allow at least half a day, and feel free to do next stop at the cafe adjoining the museum, haven facing the noisy boat quay on the other side of the river.



5) Give yourself a naturalist dream
Out of the ground in record time, below Marina Bay Sands, Gardens by the Bay is naturally added to the list of must. Huge outdoor gardens expose the entire region vegetation; a shuttle will help the majority of visitors to browse. artificial superstructures outside the norm symbolize the giant trees. But the undisputed stars are the two monumental greenhouses, while both technical prowess and poetic achievements. The first and most spectacular houses the cloud forest, tropical mountain forest, in an allegory of an ideal and threatened world; the second invites you to discover the scale of different ecosystems, supplemented by an exhibition whose scope and beauty often left speechless. Fans will not neglect the visit provided another safe bet, the Botanical Garden and in particular orchid garden.

6) Jump in the animal world

If you usually experience no interest in animals in captivity, so make an exception for the Singapore Zoo: it is a very different style. In a natural and broad framework, the fauna of South Asia and Southeast impresses most. You will discover jumble proboscis monkeys and dragons Komodos, two magnificent white tigers, Asian elephants demonstrating their agility and strength. The palm-without doubt up to the orangutan, the men of the forest endemic to Borneo and Sumatra. Guests can have breakfast with some of them, and push up the pen of Charlie which you will separate if it is in good spirits, as through a glass wall – and you will be disturbed by his surprisingly human eye.

Enthusiasts also go to the Night Safari. But to immerse yourself even more, a passage through the S.E.A. Resorts World Sentosa is required. In what is now the largest aquarium in the world, you can not remain insensitive to the majestic rays, which seem to float in the water to the sound of music while also planing.

7) Go hiking in the jungle
Far from certain megacities completely concreted and the air unbreathable, Singapore will remind you that it is located on a tropical island which has retained swathes of primary or secondary jungle. You would be wrong to deprive you of hiking opportunities in the many gardens, parks or nature reserves maintained by the National Parks Board. Among our favorites are listed Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve and lizards, or the McRitchie Reservoir Park with its suspension bridge above the canopy. Note also a hybrid course, crossing the jungle but showing the best man and the city: the Southern Ridges Walk



8) Stroll around the city and its history
How to discover a city without taking the time to walk on foot? Unable to my mind. But then, the culture and history of Singapore does not always appear well on its walls. Ethnic neighborhoods, for example, are well affadis, while the rest of the island has been completely redesigned. You will find a great parade it in the guided tours offered by The Original Singapore Walks. Thematic walks through the city you will live or relive the days as the colonial period, the years of war and occupation, Chinatown, Little India, Kampong Glam, the surroundings of the Singapore River and places of prostitution. I said that the Singapore Walks are relatively expensive, they are worth very much worth … and I have absolutely no key board.

9) Eat in a food court
I love them all, so it would be hard for me to recommend one. It’s everywhere: in the bottom of HDBS in the smallest malls as the richest in the office, at all major intersections. The grant stalls rents have kept the price of meals of food courts or hawker centers very low, which also facilitates social peace. All Singaporeans, without exception, eat more meals they cook at home do. You will come across some older Singaporeans, sometimes poor, in other Generation Y; it is not rare that all blend together. Every hawker center of the stand is highly specialized; all reflect the culinary stands above all demographic variety of the island: you can eat a chicken rice as well as a local Indonesian nasi goreng, Malaysian laksa, an Indian biryani, Chinese dim sum or halal meals. Good addresses are not lacking – ask around.

10) Enjoy a moment of madness in a mall
I do not like, so it would be hard for me to recommend one. It’s everywhere, and all are thriving. I’ve heard of a large commercial street, whose name starts with O, there in the city, where malls follow one another without interruption. The advantage for you? The one to see with your own eyes the surprising proportions has taken by the consumer society. In a society increasingly materialistic, perhaps in reaction to a past sacrifices and privations, people buy, buy again, always buy more. The mall is not a place where people go through stress or distraction, but one of the most popular destinations. So ask your neighbors where they were last weekend.


To this essential list can be added to many other activities, according to your tastes and interests. It is a must visit yet missing the call, the Museum of Lee Kuan Yew. But the reason is very simple: it does not exist yet.

Do not miss future the list of 10 must-read to understand Singapore.

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