Associate Degree in 2 Years

Associate degree is a two-year degree given by colleges at the end of an associate’s degree program. Associate degrees are generally two-year degrees, such as those awarded in community colleges. Associate degrees are also available online – allowing students to study on a schedule that suits their busy lives. An associate degree is a type of undergraduate degree that requires at least 60 semester credit hours. With full-time study, it will take 2 years to complete – or 4 semesters with 15 credit hours. An associated degree program involves a general education requirement, the main requirements, and electives.

The two types of Associate Degrees offered are A.A. or Associate of Arts, and A.A.S., Who is the Associate of Diploma in Applied Science. You can earn and A.A. degree in a community or college, in a technical school, or even online.

Associate DegreeThis degree designation indicates that you have completed a program of study with an extensive base in general education, as well as concentration in a particular field. Your degree is often in a professional field, or in the liberal arts. This degree is designed to transfer to a four-year college or university.

Associate of Applied Science degree (A.A.S.) is intended for graduates seeking career entry or career advancement after 2 years of college education. AAS degrees will likely transfer some or all of the credits to a four-year college. Associate degrees in Applied Sciences are employers’ preference in finding people to fill different mid-level technology positions.

Once you get an associate degree, you usually need another two years or 60 credit hours to get a bachelor’s degree. Earning an associate degree is a great distance for a student to see what direction they want to take in their education. Either degree is a great option for those looking to earn an associate degree.


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