Best Places to Visit in Washington DC

The article title is very solemn but Washington DC, the federal capital of the United States of America is a very solemn city. The buildings are huge, streets are straight and all federal power bodies are there. Finally we spent a few days there, Manu had a conference in Washington for a week, and I took the opportunity to join the four days at the end. Before leaving Boston, I asked for recommendations to friends on what to see and where you had to eat, and we followed almost to the letter what they had advised.

Washington dc, The Capitol


Washington dc, capitol

Visit Washington DC is a class trip quite common for Americans who grew up on the East Coast: each had his say on where to go, what to see, etc. It has taken a good slice of patriotism, clean city and great restaurants for 4 days. Here is what we saw, which is walked around and in a future article, I will discuss the best contacts and how it is to live there.
First news: the White House is VERY white. They did not skimp on the paint, slap it well. You can not get very close to this place of power – it is possible to visit the White House on a guided tour by contacting the Embassy of France if you’re French, but apparently not at the moment (info on the site Embassy). We were content to turn around, carefully parked behind the barriers, a cop around to pounce on us if we crossed the road where it was not necessary. I do not know if say we saw the White House is a great achievement in a lifetime, but it has been seen, by far.

Walking along the “Mall”

Washington dc, mall


The “National Mall & Memorial Park” is a large park in the heart of the city that gathers a gaggle of museums, bodies of power and memorials to veterans. It is clean, bright and very well organized. Everything is classic, straight, and a little cold! But it seems that it is super beautiful in spring when the cherry trees are in bloom.
Tourists we?

To figure it out, it’s very simple: in front of the White House, is the huge obelisk, aka the Washington Monument – there can go free if one has the patience to wait, there is a small cabin store at the foot of the tower where one can withdraw free tickets, or you can book online. Floating around many US flags flapping in the wind. On each side of the monument, two other buildings on one side and the Lincoln Memorial on the other, the Capitol.

The Lincoln Memorial is where stands the giant statue of former President Lincoln, sitting up the steps of a Greek-inspired temple (attention in Washington is not done in half measures). The statue is 6 meters high and 6 meters wide, and we saw lots of people make a selfie with President (we also elsewhere). Lincoln, the 16th president of the United States, the one with the goatee, who led the country during the Civil War and abolished slavery; he died in a theater in 1865, assassinated by John Wilkes Booth, an actor who played on stage (you can also visit the Ford Theatre in Washington, again, it’s free, but book his tickets) .

The place of federal power

At the other end of the Mall, the Capitol is recognizable with its dome (which was under scaffolding when we were there -?! Come on Capitol pile when it comes) This is where the Congress office or the Senate and House of representatives – and incidentally Kevin Spacey in House of Cards, highly addictive series policy. It is possible to book a tour of the Capitol (link here).

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