Best Time To Travel To Frankfurt Germany

Find the best time to travel to Frankfurt Germany is recurrent in tourists, however we can not say what is the best time to enjoy the attractions of the place. But if we can describe the climate of the country so that you choose the right time for your trip, remember that every season has its charms.Frankfurt Germany

Each season in Germany is characterized by its unique festivals, from the hot summer to cold winter days with strong winds and snow. So you can enjoy every event at any time of year, you must book in advance because the rates tend to rise, especially in summer. While during the winter snow lovers have a special advantage because lower rates of flights, accommodation and various tourist attractions, certainly with little presence of tourists.

January in Frankfurt Germany

If you decided to travel to Germany this month bundle up, because the temperatures are very low, but you will be rewarded with lower rates in the sights, small crowds, great events and German festivals. The most important events of the month are: New Year’s Run, Fashion Week, Sylt Gourmet Festival and International Green Week.

February in Frankfurt Germany

In February important audiovisual festivals throughout Europe, the carnival and other cultural activities that concentrates many citizens and tourists are developed. For example the Festival of Art and Digital Culture, Motorcycle Fair, Dresden Semper Opera Ball, Berlin International Film Festival, Carnival in Germany and Kurt Weill Music Festival.

March in Frankfurt Germany

If you are planning to travel to Germany in March participates in Strong Beer Season in Munich, St. Patrick’s Day, Leipzig Book Fair and Literary Festival Cologne. The literature festival is famous for its exotic places and events, this event is one of the best activities throughout the month of March.

April in Frankfurt Germany

This month Germany is full spring festivals, art fairs and celebrations of Easter in a few years. Here you have the relationship of events so you can pick and enjoy it. Bauhaus in Weimar Walks, Munich Ballet Week, Spring Fair in Frankfurt, Weeks movimentos Art, Art Cologne and Walpurgis Night. The Walpurgis Night is the last night of April, known as “Hexennacht” the night of witches or Walpurgis. According to German folktales, tonight witches fly to Brocken to celebrate and wait for the start of spring. Many people dress up as witches and go to Mount Brocken, located in the Harz region. bonfires are lit, and the “witches’ dance around the flames.

May in Frankfurt Germany

May is a wonderful month to travel to Germany, the weather is warm and sunny, the summer crowds have not arrived and you can take part of festivals, events and parties. For example Labor Day, Rhine in Flames, The long night of museums in Frankfurt, Hamburg Port Anniversary and Long Night of Music in Munich.

June in Frankfurt Germany

In June, the summer festival season in Germany is in full swing, you can see the best events and festivals. Many are held outdoors. The activities begin with the Handel Festival Music Festival then comes Rock am Ring, Bach Festival in Leipzig, Berlin Gay Pride, Kiel Week, Carnival of Cultures in Berlin and the Festival of Music in Berlin. Come and have fun with all the activities of the month.

July in Frankfurt Germany

This month music festivals, fashion, art and culture are made. Take advantage of the summer to see the tourist sites. Events of the month: Munich Opera Festival, Fashion Week Mercedes-Benz, Cologne Gay Pride, Classic Open-Air Festival Berlin Festival Richard Wagner Festival in Hamburg DOM.

August in Germany

August features music festivals and the famous wine fairs. Ideal for lovers of music and good wine. People of all ages enjoy outdoor concerts, amusement rides, fire works, food and drink in the heart of the city. It’s a great experience for travelers who participate in these free festivities. Options to participate: Festival Dresden City Festival Art in Frankfurt, Stuttgart Wine Festival and Rheingau Wine Festival.

September in Germany

September is the season of wine festivals and autumn in Germany, and the start of Oktoberfest, the highlight in the festival calendar of Germany. Here are some festivals: Wurst Markt and Wine Festival in Bad Duerkheim, Oktoberfest in Munich Beer Festival Stuttgart – Cannstatter Wasen and Berlin Marathon.

October in Germany

Check out the calendar with the best festivals, events and parties in October from the national holiday of Germany and the famous Oktoberfest in Munich, Frankfurt Book Fair, Festival of Lights in Berlin and Reformation Day.

November in Germany

The best festivals are November is Germany: Berlin Jazz Festival, Berlin Music Days, Day Jewish culture in Munich and Christmas markets. Do not miss the opportunity to participate.

December in Germany

This month is one of the recommended places to visit Germany for the holiday season in Germany with its many Christmas markets. Christmas parties and spectacular events year-end months. The month begins with World AIDS Day and then ChocolART Festival in Tübingen, Stollen Festival in Dresden, Germany and the Christmas Eve Party New Year in Berlin. So it ends and begins the year in Germany, full of festivals.

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