College and Technical School : Your Choice

Colleges are not for everyone, but that does not mean you should not attend higher education or vocational training. When you think of your future, what do you imagine? Are you doing something you love, or do you just work to earn a salary?

If you are one of the many people who try to decide where to spend your money and invest your future, read on. This article provides a comparison of 4 years of college and technical school. Which is good for you?

How to choose between 4 year college and technical school:
Ask yourself these questions and then consider the advantages and disadvantages of each type of school.

What is your goal Do you have specific career goals? What is your educational goal? Do you want to learn as much as you can about various topics? Do you want to learn as much as you can about a particular subject (being an expert)?

What is your strength Weakness? Will you benefit from a shorter and more focused program?

Lifestyle How can school get into your life? Will you benefit from non-traditional schedules such as online learning, evening or long distance? The 4-year academy and technical college offer such a choice, but it varies by school, so ask the school you’re interested in.

What do you need Realistically, what diploma or training do you need to pursue your dreams? Do research in your chosen field – know what the requirements are and how they compare with the programs you imagine. The US Department of Education website offers resources for career research and training.

Be a consumer Check equipment; Is this new and up to date? How does this compare to the equipment you will be using at work? Believe me, this can be boring but very important. After graduation, I realized that I should spend more time researching the computer programs that my employers expected from technical writing. Had I been better informed, I would have been able to attend additional courses specific to this program.

Investigate: campus size, current and former students, faculty and staff;
Know if the school is accredited and authorized; Do they make extraordinary claims? Can your credit be transferred?

College 4 years
Some people love to learn just to learn, while others are more focused and motivated and use the school as a stepping stone for career advancement. If you are interested in more scientific activities, a 4-year traditional college may be your best choice.

Benefits: Liberal arts training is applicable to many fields, topics to explore, prestige, “life college”

Disadvantages: expensive, long term, graduation in areas you do not want to follow, high standards of acceptance and prerequisites, sluggish job market at graduation – require additional training.

School of engineering
If college is for everyone, technical school will not exist. Some people may feel stigmatized by the technical school. In societies where higher education has become the norm, we lose the value of vocational training. People feel abnormal and may be angry if they do not want to go to university but feel obliged to do it too.

Benefits: shorter duration, targeted program, easier acceptance standard, flexible hours, certification should not be available in 4-year colleges, hands-on training

Disadvantages: Can be considered less prestigious, may be expensive, maybe a little space for exploration of other topics, accreditation, nonprofit agencies.

Many of the fastest growing jobs do not require a bachelor’s degree, but require post-secondary education (post-secondary education). This work includes:
• medical assistant
• Social and Human Services Assistant
• housemaid
• Medical records and health information technicians


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