Three Common Types Of College Scholarships

There are 3 types of scholarships currently awarded to students and prospective students: sports scholarships, university scholarships and departmental awards. Everyone has the criteria to consider before giving the grant. Each also has a certain group of students to target.

Academic Scholarship

This type of scholarship is awarded to students who achieve an average grade or who have achieved outstanding academic achievement before entering university. This grant is generally awarded to students who have received the award. Sometimes assigned automatically upon admission to college or university, but most schools require scholarship applications.

Basically, the main purpose of the scholarship grant is, of course, the academic aspect; However, some colleges and universities base grants on services or needs, or both.

After getting a scholarship, students are required to keep the ceiling value. If not completed after the end of the semester, colleges and universities usually give students a trial status until the level reaches the specified level. If this does not happen, the main prize of the scholarship can be stopped.

Athletic Scholarship

If you are competitive, you get an athletic scholarship. However, this type of scholarship is very popular and there are still many students who proposed.

An athlete of course wants to enter university for free using this type of scholarship. Some even dream of completing the university as an athlete. And this dream is not far from realizing it. With good personal marketing and outstanding skills in any sport, you will be able to apply for and obtain this type of scholarship.

Ministry Award

This type of scholarship aims to offer students the option to stay or undertake their studies in a particular department. Usually, it is offered to outstanding students who wish to enroll in other fields. The department’s award is given in order not to keep students in the department. Alternatively, it is given to attract interest of students interested in studying in a particular department.

You can ask about this type of scholarship directly in the school department.

There are other scholarship grants given to the students, but basically all three are provided by the school itself.

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