Indonesia Should Be Visited By You Before You’re Old

Indonesia remains one of the favorite destinations for the travelers from overseas. They are very fond of vacationing in this country and even sometimes to settle and live in this country. Indonesian natural beauty and hospitality of its inhabitants are still the main attraction. And the basic reason why the foreigners from abroad really liked and enjoyed the time a vacation in Indonesia. However, there are some unique reasons underlying the traveler from abroad prefer this country as a destination for holidays begin reasons like irregularity in this country. Until the reasons for getting a partner who is younger than him. Here are some reasons why people abroad prefer Indonesia as a tour destination and make it as a place to stay:

1. Cost of Living Offers in Indonesia

The visitors from abroad still consider the cost of living in this country is cheaper compared to other countries in Southeast Asia. Although it can be said the cost of travel in this country is more expensive when compared to some neighboring countries such as Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia. But in consideration of the cost of living is cheaper than foreign travelers still choose Indonesia become a favorite tourist destination. The price of food, goods, and other uses such as vehicle rental. Where to stay in Indonesia is still considered cheaper than other countries in      Southeast Asia. Especially with the exchange rate that is lower than the dollar increasingly make foreign travelers happy and comfortable to travel in Indonesia ,

2. The diversity of Indonesian Culinary’s feel like Heaven For Culinary Connoisseurs

The next reason that makes travelers or foreigners from abroad like vacationing in Indonesia is food or culinary. The Archipelago is rich in culinary. Various regions in Indonesia has its own distinctive cuisine with the flavors are different also. All of course the appetite of the audience. Many foreigners fall in love and eventually settled for a long time in this country because of the variety of flavors in Indonesian cuisine. Start rendang, betutu to warm a favorite food of Caucasians in Indonesia.

3. Indonesia Natural Beauty Has Not Unprecedented

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Indonesia is known to have a variety of natural attractions of the beautiful and unspoiled. When compared with other countries the natural beauty of Indonesia is still unmatched, even the world is to admit it. This has been the fundamental reason why foreign travelers to make this country as a favorite tourist destination. Various tourist destinations ranging beaches, mountains, forests, lakes, caves, rivers, the ocean floor is beautiful everything was in this Country and the foreigners love a challenge. So they chose this country as a tour destination. And that makes us even more proud is that almost all the natural beauty of Indonesia formed naturally and still maintained continuity.

For foreign tourists who love to surf or surf beach can choose their preferred start Kute, Sanur,Bali. Even the foreigners can surf the Kampar river. When compared with Singapore. Indonesia still the main choice in Singapore because if they can just surf on the island of Sentosa with artificial waves. Which is certainly less challenging when compared with the original surf beaches in Indonesia.

4. All activities Run Smoothly Due to weather are Friendly

As a tropical country Indonesia only has two seasons, dry and rainy seasons. The sun can still shine throughout the year even though we are experiencing the rainy season though. This is the reason why foreign travelers to choose Indonesia as a tourist destination.  Because they mostly come from countries that have winter do not like the cold temperate regions. They reasoned winter is very limited activity and also making it difficult to determine the choice of clothing as they want to. And in Indonesia they can at will wear the clothes they want and are not afraid of the winter storms. Offers People smile and friendliness Indonesia

The Indonesian people are known as a nation that suave and smiling. This is how the next reason why foreign travelers or the foreigners from abroad happy and at home for a vacation in Indonesia. The hospitality of the Indonesia indeed has been passed down for generations began the era of our ancestors first. Foreigners who vacation in this Country felt more appreciated by the hospitality and the Indonesian people’s smile. Unlike in other countries where people seem more indifferent to their presence. Thus arose the parable, even more indifferent Indonesian people are still able to smile when talk to. And they always say hello and shake hands when they meet each person.

6. High Tolerance Against Difference


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Indonesia is known as a country of tolerance for difference. While other countries out there are still debating the issue of racist, skin color, religion, race or caste, in this Country will not encounter such conditions. Although the Indonesian state has a variety of ethnic and cultural. Indonesian society more closely tied to unity. This is what lured the foreigners to visit Indonesia, they assume it is an exotic. Behind diverse nation Indonesia differences complement each other. And enrich its own characteristics that make for the Indonesian nation, this great Indonesia.

7. Holidays and Looking Younger mates

In addition to the foreign tourists vacationing other purpose while visiting this archipelago. Which is looking for a mate or younger partners in Indonesia, reasons that seem silly indeed, but this is what happened. We recognize and know that in general the countries in America and Europe are less people care about the affairs of marriage. They are busy with work and pursue a career to forget that they are getting old and not have children. So no wonder there the elderly more than the population of productive age. Conditions in this Country is very different.

The country is still a lot of power and the blood of young, energetic, so that the Caucasians old from the outside will be easier to get a spouse or mate is more youthful and beautiful in this country. But surprisingly there are still many who are willing and interested for foreigner mate  from abroad.

Various reasons above is causing the foreigners or overseas travelers from choosing this Country as a tourist destination and to make this Country as a place to stay. But whatever it is we ought to be proud of being part of the nation, because this country is a country rich and beautiful

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