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Love Travel Center is the family businesses which are dedicated to treating others as one of them. What makes love is different is that the family is actively involved in the daily operations of the company. Tom opened love gas station as one in the far western Oklahoma again in 1964. A few years later (1972), love travel center is the first store in Guymon, Oklahoma. After a short time (1981) love stop the first round in Amarillo, Texas. Since then, it has been expanded love chain shops and tourist centers to more than 380 locations in 40 states nationwide.

Love Travel Center is founded in 1964 and headquartered in Oklahoma City. Love travel stops and country store contains of more than 380 locations in 40 countries. They provide professional truck drivers and riders with 24 hours access a day to clean places that are safe for the purchase of gasoline and diesel. However, in 2016, the family and the love of the companies offer more services and options to customers than ever before.

Love Travel Center

Its truck tire care offers heavy tire maintenance, including Tire Pass, light mechanical services and roadside assistance. Love hospitality in a growing network and storage sites Car Rental that offers items factoring receivables and back office support professional drivers.

Gemini transportation car is fleet of 550 trucks. The drivers and fuel of Gemini transport and other products for the store Love are at the national level. Gemini transport for cars is one of the safest of the transfer of the pride of the industry point because it is growing from year to year.

Trillium CNG is the latest member in the family of Love Travel Center Company. It brings two decades of compressed natural gas expertise to serve customers in more than 100 compressed natural gas facilities across the country. Trillium provides fuel which is compressed with natural gas for thousands of cars. This runs on natural gas every day and provides more than 55 million gallons of compressed natural gas per year. Together, love and Trillium operates 65 public access of compressed natural gas facility.

Love travel center Company has also become a coveted business purposes. This is including members of the shop more than 12,000 team with the support of professionals in 1300 at the company’s headquarters in Oklahoma City. There are also professional drivers in more than 900 in Gemini transportation Motor Company old rifle. In all, the family of Love Company employs is more than 15,000 people who are passionate about customers and their communities.

When we talk about family values in Love Travel Center, it is more than the family name. They appreciate their employees, customers and the communities in which they live. They appreciate all the local stuff. Local stores across the country contribute to local non-profit organizations every year. Each September, they raise funds for children’s hospitals Miracle Network. The campaign raised more than $ 15 million for 17 years, helped 94 members in hospitals across the country.

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