NANJING China Travel Diaries in Alicante

NANJING (02-03 October)

Upon arrival at Nanjing lame bus 13 (2y) in the vicinity of the bus station to the hostel. In this case I do not make reference to it because it would be unable to give any. And it is that you can not imagine the face of assholes that I left when I say that it is complete. At least let me connect interned for a place to stay. There are no seats. The city is literally taken … !!!. I had already noticed in the agglomeration that has formed at the exit of the station. At least I managed, after several previous failed attempts and distressing, book in Xi’an (my next stage).

Phew! Best Calma … I think with a full stomach, so I’m going to eat and then back to the railway station. I think it will be my resting place tonight. At least I will not be alone. And the lake views are amazing. They remind me of the Pudonng of Shanghai.


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Before I pass by the bus station and take the opportunity to buy a bus ticket to Xi’an (260y). Leaves tomorrow at 13:15. Only one day to the city. In the same slogan I leave the big backpack (4y / day) and I’ll take a walk around to, as supposed, end up sleeping on a roof outside the station (within only accessible if you have ticket). Not take long because if something unpleasant is heard discussing several Chinese. They have a squeaky voice and unpleasant (especially them) so I go. Better not look at the time. Finally I finish under the overhang of a Pizza Planet. Not before eating a bowl of fried rice cooked in a street stall (5y). But what I feel good about this Arrocito at 2 in the morning … !!!.

Oct. 3.
The next day (say) or rather when the sun rises, I take a taxi to go to the mountain of Nanjing (20y) are 06:35 hours. I must admit that this mountain is amazing. There is a path in which dozens of people are grouped. Some of them walk back and, sometimes emit piercing screams that will surely help ease tensions. Every few tour you can see groups of people practicing tai-chi ,. In this mountain is the Mausoleum of the Ming Dynasty.

And so until I get back to town. The truth is that it was a long walk, but not heavy. I found one of these stalls preparing breakfast. In this case the crepes with egg and “Churros”. Delicious and very nutritious (3y.) And if. It’s really cheap to eat in China.

Nanjing has an extraordinary and very busy park. They are holidays and the distance the incessant noise of the fireworks that have moved me to Alicante, to the days when the party held Bonfires hear. I assure you, for a moment, I felt at home and those around me were members of the Chinese typical tour.
It is true that the main reason for visiting this country is hiking on the Great Wall. But it adds to discover its culture, which lives on the street, its people, regardless of monuments or “stamps” that can be found in any book of geography or interned.

When the bus approaches exit and go to the station. The sourness of the woman who controls access to the platforms (only when they call and on presentation of the ticket), it overshadows the anger piece there in the waiting room. A young man trying to access a backpack that has not passed the preliminary examination of scanning. A young employee hotly debated pulling suitcase while a guard just look. I would not want to have this vigilante nearby if something happened. Exit the bus at the appointed time.

It is a sleeper bus. A labyrinthine maze of berths (36) in two heights, with barely room to move aside. Apart from really claustrophobic aspect (very narrow) the trip was comfortable. The 14 hours have passed quickly lasted.

IMPORTANT. I pointed out in Chinese where you want to go. Not even God can read English here and there is always someone who dominate about half as a huge queue is formed, and on the other side of glass have a guy who looks at you with stupid face.
VERY IMPORTANT. If you travel at this time of year to go with the reservation made, here is Chinese looong.
REMARK (OB). It is difficult to find postcards.
OB. Traffic lights indicate the remaining time for change, red or green depending on the color of the clock.

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