São Paulo Tourists Safety Tips

Safety Tips for tourists in São Paulo
Like any big city, São Paulo has some security problems, so we offer some safety tips for tourists in São Paulo, to make your trip enjoyable and relaxed.

The city of São Paulo has a Specialized Police Station for Tourists (DEATUR), dedicated to safeguarding visitors to be managed in a safe and convenient way within the city.

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Safety Tips for tourists visiting São Paulo

If you want your trip safe, you should observe some measures that will ensure a peaceful stay in the city of São Paulo.

In the airport:

The arrival and departure are the most exposed moments of the trip, given the intense movement of airports, fatigue and disorientation of the tourist, who become more susceptible to theft.
• When landing, verify that baggage was in the same condition as when boarding.
• Request information on the position of police reports or a duly identified. Do not talk to strangers. At all airports there is a DEATUR, to help the traveler.
• Do not leave your belongings unattended, especially when a stranger approaches to speak.
• Do not open your luggage in public, especially if you take money or equipment.
• Take care when handling money in public. Carry them in a safe place and try not to carry a lot of money.
• If you have to use the ATM mail, care anyone to see your password. Do not ask help anyone who does not have identification.
• Do not accept packages or parcels from strangers.
• If someone asks you for help because you feel bad, do not let your belongings. Go get help with them.
• Do not approach taxis or rental cars that are not properly registered. Ask the driver to put all your belongings in the trunk, if he refuses, do not broach the taxi.
• Do not travel with the windows open and if you use your mobile phone, do not do it on the side of the window.

At the hotel:

While hotels are safe, they never are safe from any isolated incident, so it is advisable to take precautions.
• For check-in and check-out, leave the luggage with the employee or place it where you can take care of it.
• When you go to eat or walk, leave your belongings in the box room or at the hotel.
• If you use the social area of the hotel, do not let your belongings out of sight.
• Do not bring strangers to your hotel room. If you have to receive visits, you must fill out a form visitor.
• Request information from hotel employees for your outings, they will inform restaurants and safe rides. You can also check with tourist information.
• If you plan an event in the hotel employs accreditations for participants. Requests monitoring helps staff the hotel.
• Do not talk about important issues related to money or near strangers.
• Do not accept help from strangers, the staff is for that and is trustworthy.

In the restaurant:

During meals, we tend to be relaxed and less alert, so we are vulnerable.
• Choose recommended by hotel staff or reporting to tourists or known restaurants. Choose the best route and the best time.

• If you carry a suitcase, ask the restaurant staff to save it. Check the content to receive it again. If the restaurant does not have to save it, leave it with you and not lose sight.
• Do not leave mobile phones, wallets or credit cards on the table if you leave it for a moment.

In parks and exhibition areas:

This kind of events involving many people, so you are vulnerable.
• Do not talk to strangers, especially if they insist.
• Do not leave your belongings out of sight.
• Do not handle a lot of money.
• Take discretely your camera and camcorder.
• Use registered transport.
• If you have problems, go to the identified personnel.

Addresses of Tourist Police Stations Specialized:

• Division of Ports and Airports – Rua São Bento, 380 – 5 – Center
Tel .: (11) 3107-5642 and 3107-8332

• the 1st Specialized Police Station Tourist / DEATUR
Rua Consolação, 247 Centro – Tel.:(11) 3257-4475, 3151-4167

• the 2nd Police Station Airport São Paulo / Congonhas
Av Washington Luis, s / nº -. Tel .: (11) 5090-9032, 5090-9043,5090-9041, 5090-9038

• the 3rd Police Station International Airport São Paulo-Cumbica
Dr. Rua Jamil Joao Zarif, s / nº-Cumbica / Guarulhos – Tel .: (11) 6445-2686, 6445-3464, 6445-2221, 6445-3260 and 6445-2657.

• the 4th International Police Commissariat Viracopos / Campinas
Tel .: (19) 3225-9854, 3225-5426, and 3725-5412

• the 5th Police Station Port of Santos – Tel .: (13) 3224-2726

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