Take Better Digital Jewelry Photography Here 5 Tips For Beginner

Take Better Digital Jewelry Photography Here 5 Tips For Beginner

1. Focus on camera
Please check how to focus your camera for sharp images. Digital cameras with autofocus are often difficult to focus accurately, especially when picking up small objects. Please read the owner’s manual carefully and understand the auto-focus mechanism of the camera. Most digital cameras are designed to concentrate easily on large objects, but small objects have problems. It’s easier to put the camera in spot focus mode. Spot focus lets you control which parts of the scene actually focus your camera in more detail. 
2 Use tripod
Even small movements while shooting will cause motion blur. The closer you are to the object, the more clearly the motion blur. When using a cheap tripod, there is a big difference in the sharpness of the image. To get a really clear picture, it makes sense to invest in a sturdy and sturdy tripod. Use if your camera does not have a remote shutter, otherwise use the built-in camera timer to minimize camera shake.

3 Set camera to aperture priority mode
To get the maximum area of ​​subject focus, set the camera to aperture priority mode and set the aperture as high as possible. The closer you are to your subject, the more important it becomes.

4 Use softlighting
Your camera’s built-in flash will never produce good results for product photos in most cases. For soft lighting, shoot outdoors on big days, use light awning like EZcube, Cubelite, or use a soft box.

5) Use image editing software
Even cheap software such as Photoshop Elements and ACDSee can make the product photo much easier. It may seem faster to use it just like when shooting an image. In fact, however, it is difficult to accurately capture what you want to display in the final form.

The biggest difference Jewelry Photography between an amateur product photo and a professional product image is sharpness and illumination. With image editing software you can trim the image, adjust exposure, sharpen the image and resize it.

Steps 1, 2, and 3 improve the sharpness of the image, and step 4 improves the lighting. This will be further enhanced if it takes 1 minute to edit the image. Ignoring is interesting because some of these steps look very basic. However, if you take the time to follow them, you’ll see an improvement in the quality of your photos.

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