13 Tips Traveling In Christchurch New Zealand With Little Budget

A long time ago that I wanted to write a list of tips to travel around this amazing Christchurch. They are obvious to those who live in or travel through Christchurch New Zealand a few months ago and therefore know those little details that change everything but the newcomers do not know, things logically. I always think: “How have not known before (fill in all that apply)” So here are my recommendations, most of them are based on personal experiences, others in experiences of friends, and / or experiences of friends friends.christchurch

1. Browse Christchurch by bus

To travel the country is almost essential to have a car because bus services between cities are generally low (sometimes only have one option per day), collective uncomfortable and surrealistically long trips. However, for those who for one reason or another could not or wanted to buy their own vehicle, then it is good to consider the following information.

The two bus companies operating in Christchurch New Zealand are called Intercity and Nakedbus. I never used Intercity because whenever I searched their prices were relatively more expensive than Nakedbus. In both agencies tickets are purchased online by credit card.

Before you buy a ticket you can check in Google whether any promo code available because there is always ALWAYS coupons that do not appear in the original web. Until now I never paid a passage without at least a 25% discount. There are also travel promotions to a dollar (advertised on the websites of companies), but the truth is that I was ever so lucky to find one so I doubt its existence. Another way to travel by bus is to purchase a Bus Pass: ie a bus pass to travel around the country a much cheaper price than if you buy each way separately. This is a good choice if you are planning to travel New Zealand from north to south without rest.

Consider that travel on the South Island are much more expensive than in the North Island. For example, I paid $ 30 a ticket from Auckland to Wellingon (650km) and $ 20 Tekapo Omarama (100km!).

2. hitchhike Christchurch

Yes, buses are more expensive on the southern island, but the truth is that it is also easier to hitchhike. Why? Because there is a national route which crosses the country from north to south called SH1S, and through most of the towns in the country, as in the South Island cities are much smaller, hitchhike is always a good choice.

I traveled from Kurow to Picton (800km) in two sections and was an amazing experience because the Kiwis are usually super-friendly people, interested in hearing stories of travelers and tell their own stories. We were two girls traveling alone and never had any problems (c’mon, is New Zealand, but everywhere we must be vigilant). We always have a clearly visible with the name of the city where we think the poster and detail that changes everything is smile and say hello even if you already know someone will not stop 🙂

In addition we always try as far as possible to hitchhike where cars have enough room to park and where not allowed to drive faster than 50km time space. We do not know if Hitchhiking is prohibited or not New Zealand (as on motorways in Europe) but we have not had bad experiences with the police even though we saw little sign, hand and smiling high.

One important thing to note: New Zealand is a country with a very unstable weather, so do not forget to check the weather (mostly rain) one day before traveling to be sure to have a fun experience (wind + cold + finger: no thanks, I’m fine for now).

3. Flights

Another way to travel super cheap in the country is having his eyes open to the amazing flight deals that you can find for example on sites like Grabaseat (this page also you can find other offers for interesting activities such as whale watching, etc. ). If you are looking ahead you may find 40 or 50NZD flights between cities of the North Island and the South (like Auckland – Christchurch ), a very good price considering that only costs 50NZD the ferry crossing between the islands. The cheapest airline to fly are Jetstar and Air New Zealand.

Consider that generally offers are for travel only with hand luggage, so the final value of the ticket increases if you carry more luggage and fares between airports and the city center are usually expensive.  

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