What does it cost to travel to Japan?

Many friends have asked me how much a trip to Japan and how long it takes to take the trip.
The truth is a bit tricky question because the cost depends on the way you want to travel, the plan you have and what you want to do, but here I will outline the main travel expenses of an average person who wants know this country.


The most expensive for Mexicans (the distance) is definitely the ticket. Flights to Japan to agree are leaving Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, Vancouver and Toronto, as you can choose one of many airlines flying to Japan: Japan Airlines (JAL), All Nippon Airways (ANA), Korean Airlines, United, American Airlines, Air Canada, etc. The trouble is that for all those senecesita VISA. Another option is AeroMexico, which has direct flights and some with a stop in Tijuana, but Aeromexico is the most expensive of all.



Round flight prices ranging from 130 dollars (looking for a special offer or a flight that makes many scales) to 21 to 220 dollars. I highly recommend Japan Airlines. Since you get on the plane you feel in this country. The service is excellent and costs about 170 dollars.


Once in Japan is spent on transportation. Transportation is very expensive: the shortest ride on a bus costs 2 dollars, more cortp travel on a train also costs 2 dollars, like the subway. The “checkered flag” taxis is close to 10 dollars. The bullet train is priced equivalent to almost get on a plane.
I totally recommend not come to Japan without a Japan Rail Pass. I’ll talk after this ticket for foreigners visiting this country. The Japan Rail Pass allows the company to use trains JR unlimitedly for a certain time. Definitely worth.



With Japan Rail Pass about 100 dollars spent on transportation per day maximum. He planned well not wear anything in transport.


You can find all kinds of food in this country. Here I will just say that breakfast costs no more than 100 dollars (the MacDonalds cost 6 dollars) and eat well will find many restaurants QE packages cost less than 10 dollars.



I think 10-20 dollars per person meal a day is spent.


Hotels are another thing, knowing how to look, you can ahoorar enough. Most hotels Mexican travel agencies get cost at least 20 dollars per night.

Such a room costs less than 10 dollars per night (obviously has bathroom and everything expected from a hotel: room service, shampoo, coffee, tea, a good bed and TV).


I think two weeks is enough to adapt to the time change and use the time to learn, travel and to rest a little.
So we can say that air, food, transportation and lodging will be spent 35 dollars, plus they want to buy souvenirs. You can find souvenirs in all price ranges (they are very nice things from 1 dollars).
Thus, a student who wants to travel to this Country can choose a flight of 130 dollars (Air Canada has one that takes 35 hours to reach Japan by many scales) and can spend 5 dollars in daily meals and spend less.

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