You Must Travel to Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s legendary name means “port to perfumes,” “door incense” or “fragrant coast” of the name of this former rock through which generations of English adventurers made transit entire opium shipments before make room for all businessmen and self-made men on the planet.

A British colonial confetti become one of the flagship of capitalism in Asia and returned to the communist Chinese fold in 1997 with a special status, increasingly subject to the central power.
Despite the handover, HongKong continues to cultivate a particular identity.

Behind his tunes City of London or New York little Asia is a Chinese city where beats the heart of a population mainly came from Canton and Shanghai. What future in the midst of the empire? Since the handover that raised numerous questions.

Hong Kong can not quite hide his fear of the future: freedom and autonomy vis-à-vis Beijing and, of course, the constant concern to preserve its prosperity economic, not to mention the problems of urbanization linked to it.

Still, HongKong is to remain the symbol of success in Asia: how to grow a prosperous and a separate identity while integrating into greater China.

Hong Kong, Natural Side

Hectic and shopping, Hong Kong has retained its habits since fleet What (discreetly) the red flag of China. The towers clawing the sky more and more high and new neighborhood projects swell to suit the appetite of Hong Kong for the new and flashy.

This display hides a surprising reality: the 7 million Hong Kong people crammed on less than a third of the territory, which has some 260 islands. Most are uninhabited or without car as Cheung Chau (photo).

Half an hour by bus or ferry to Central, nature takes its rights. Hong Kong unveils its least known face with deserted beaches, lush forests and temples nestled in the mountains.

Hong Kong has 23 regional parks, crisscrossed by hiking trails and covering 40% of the territory. A HongKong surprisingly green, quiet, green, and we invite you to discover …

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